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George Cicci

trailer / tension / sound design

"Really well done, really creepy, it legitimately creeped me out."


Dave Kropf discussing my trailer cue, "Cursed" on the 52 Cues Podcast.

Dave Kropf, Host of 52 Cues

"George is without a doubt one of the most talented sound designers I have ever worked with and was able to create both original and always perfectly fitting soundscapes for my videos."

Chris Coleman, ground breaking video artist.

Recent Work

All songs (c) 2022 - 2023 George Cicci


George Cicci, sound designer, trailer music composer

George Cicci is a production music composer with two decades of boutique sound design and production experience.  While he can produce almost anything, his core competencies lie within the darker, aggressive and sound design side of trailer and tension music. 

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